7-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Will appreciate person(s) who can spare some knitting stuffs for a beginner.
6-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Moving soon need empty boxes
5-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
hope mattress in reasonably good condition
4-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I need 3 baby gates or a playpen/yard. If you have any in good condition, please contact me. Thank you.
2-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I am a single mother and I bought a trailer that needs rehabed. Anything will help. We where homeless for a while and need everything.
1-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a hard copy of Black's Legal Dictionary (version 5 and above). I know this is a long shot but hope someone has one that they no longer need. I would love to have it. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick it up and I've never been a no show when I said I was coming. Thank you for your time.
31-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Any unwanted bikes taking up space in the garage, would love to have them, currently taking in bikes to piece together the best parts for a touring bikepacking bike. Can be anything, mountain bike, road bike, commuter old or new. any wheel size too! Parts are also welcome. Thank you for helping in my build! This is part of a challenge with a few buddies to build and ride a completely donated bi...
31-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I m looking for a bike rack that will attach to the back of my car . Thank you!
30-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Iso free camper or rv or something similar. For a very in need single mother of three. Or even to borrow for an extended period of time.im trying to help any way I can. Please help does not have to be in good condition
29-Jul-2018Plainfield, IN +23 milesItems Wanted
Anybody know of an organization selling 5-gallon buckets of laundry detergent? I'm interested.
29-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I would like to receive a beading tray.
29-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I need 10 three tab shingles, traditional shingles not dimensional. If you have some leftovers taking up space .... Thanks for your consideration.
28-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Just moved into a new house. Would love some patio furniture. Thanks!!
28-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a tv I can put in my bedroom and looking for a kitchen table to do homework on can pick up asap
28-Jul-2018Plainfield, IN +23 milesItems Wanted
Just moved into a new house. Would love some patio furniture! Thanks!!
27-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a few aluminum arrows or crossbow bolts. Condition of points, nocks, or fletching not important, but the shafts need to be in fairly good shape.
26-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
The one I've had for 30 years collapsed, and I'm in a world of hurt, since I actually use this for laundry! Looking for a stand for a square washtub, but can make a round one work, too. Doesn't have to be pretty, just sturdy enough to hold a full washtub. If you're looking to get rid of both a stand and a tub, I'll take the tub, too. Am near downtown, but will travel a fair distance for this.
26-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
I would like to take any unwanted clip boards that are in good shape off your hands. Thanks!
25-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
Hi I am going back to school so I am looking for a free bike I don't want to pay for a bus or uber I can pick up asap thanks
24-Jul-2018Indianapolis, IN +39 milesItems Wanted
HI, Looking for garden pots or planters, prefer larger sizes. Ceramic, plastic, Terra cotta. Thanks
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